Apis Skin Care

Ornate, detailed and intricate bumble bee logo design. The Bee is designed with flowing natural vines and leafs that create a organic and natural look. A monogram letter A is …


Sighted Surveys

Clean, simple and modern logo design of an abstractly rendered eye created with curving shapes and elements that create an abstract impression of an eye. (eye, icon, circle, abstract, shape, …

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Clean and modern logo design depicting a sonar radar concept with four connecting radar signals that are merged together to create a unique square geometric design. The design represents radio …


Birdy Tunes

Clean modern and cute logo design of a simple bird wearing a pair of music headphones with a wifi wireless signal transferring from the birds head. (radio, wireless, bird, wifi, …


Sweet Bee

Detailed circular design containing a fancy and elegant line drawn honey bee with the lower portion of the bee deigned to look like a been hive. A fancy floral design …

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Nerd Live TV

Bold and modern design featuring a TV with an antenna that’s designed to look like a TV nerd character. A pair of nerdy eyeglasses are added to the TV screen …

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Smart Bot Learning

Robotic smart character logo design that features a robot cartoon character that’s reading a book. The robot is created with clean lines. This little genius would make a perfect addition …

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Apollo Apps

Logo design with an outer space theme that creatively combines an astronaut’s helmet and a tablet or mobile device with apps to form this distinctive logo design. The window of …


Color Bloom TV

Abstract design composed of various circles positioned to create a colorful impression of TV. (Note: the TV antennas can be removed to create a new concept) (tv, retro, screen, analog, …