Cactus Arizona Building

Unique, bold and modern construction themed logo design featuring a unique cactus that’s designed to look like cityscape and real estate construction buildings that create the formation of the cactus …

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Capital Height

Commercial city buildings designed in a linear 3D geometrical style with the three buildings stacked next to each other creating a staircase effect. The lines that create the buildings create …


Cactus Fitness

Bold and strong simple cactus logo mark. The Cactus is designed in a slopping direction to represent speed and motion. (cactus, western, mexican, thorn, cacti, cactus desert, mexico, plant, desert, …


Sale Point

Abstract shapes flow together to form a arrow shape. (arrow, directional, decoration, minimalistic, pointer, technology, negative, geometric, cursor, angle, point of sales, pos, nfs, abstract, blue, aviation, wing, navigation, direct, …

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Little Fairy Girl

Fun, playful logo design of a cute little fairy. Bright playful colors are used to further enhance this fun, cute fairy logo. soft swirling lines are flowing around the fairy …


Trio Triangle

Simple, modern and abstract design consisting of geometrical overlapping shapes that create the three sides of a triangle. (business, abstract, icon, network, white, community, triangle, corporate, future, concept, unity, success, …