Zigzag Publishing

Bold and colorful letterform Z logo that’s created with four colourful shapes. The design is an abstract representation of books and pages, designed in the shape the letter Z. The …


Oriana Design

Luxurious, modern and fancy wreath logo design. The circular wreath is a stylized arrangement of flowers, leaves and stems that fasten in a ring shape. Within the center of the …



Flowing shapes are used to create the letter “A”. (letter, speed, power, concept, alphabet, clean, element, logotype, swoosh, point) Created: 02/21/2012


Abstract Letter Y

Bold, modern and abstract logo design created to look like the letter y. Simple flowing and curved shapes flow over top of each other to create a see through transparent …


Book Fold Library

Rows of folding books. house shapes are created within the white space. (book, learning, education, school, smart, reading, read, teacher, library, training, tutoring, tutor, hardcover, literacy, alphabet, leaf, grown, develop, …


Elegant Fancy G

Luxurious, modern and fancy design of a letter “G”. The G design is made with a modern ornate flourish design within the G. (G, letter, alphabet, decorative, style, capital, isolated, …