Ornate flourishing Wreath Monogram Business Logo For Sale

Luxurious, modern and fancy wreath logo design. The circular wreath is a stylized arrangement of flowers, leaves and stems that fasten in a ring shape. Within the center of the wreath is the letter “O”. The letter can be changed to any letter to match your company and business name. (O, letter, alphabet, decorative, style, capital, decoration, classical, ornament, curly, curled, typeface, line, character, graphic, element, typography, type, engraved, elegant, ornamental, artwork, modern, purple, vintage, accent, wedding, floral, ornate, flourish, monogram, sophisticated, fancy, elegant, upscale, wreath, ornate, stem, leaves, leaf, flowers, detailed, elaborative, fancy, flourish, flourishing, interior design, decorator, decorate, style, stylish, boarder, pattern, doily, elegance, lacework, arabesque, mandala, rosette)

Created: 10/16/2015