Royal Baker Crown Company Logo For Sale

Royal baking crown logo created with various baking tools and utensils. The otter section of the crown is created with two whisks with the inter portion of the crown created with spatulas and pastry/piping bag. The bottom of the crown is a rolling pin. (food, oven, cupcake, butter, milk, dessert, mixing, tools, chocolate, chef, spoon, decorative, decoration, bake, design, pastry, cooking, flour, kitchen, bowl, sweet, restaurant, cute, bakery, cake, sugar, ingredient, wedding cake, classic, menu, cafe, pie, business, goods, premium, illustration, tasty, quality, birthday, vintage, party, baked, decorated, bakery, cream, shop, mixing, mix, measuring, scoop, bowls, love, heart, confection, confectionary, sweety, stack, stacked, tier, stand, display, pastel, retro, style, culinary, product, crown, royal, golden, gold, regal, king, queen, princess, cake boutique, whisk, piping bag)

Created: 11/18/2015