Flier Aviator

Bold geometrical logo design featuring the side profile of a bald eagle’s face. Colourful, triangular curving shapes form the impression of the eagle’s striking face. The eagle logo design is …


Junction Popcorn

Vintage steam engine train logo with popcorn popping out of the train’s smoke stack. (popcorn, corn, pop, icon, design, snack, fun, food, butter, buttered, cinema, delicious, theatre, salted, kettle corn, …


Airliner Kite

Bright and vibrant flying kite logo design created with different shades of oranges and blues to create this uplifting and airy kite logo design. A shooting bright star or sun, …


Two Wheels Pizza

Simple, clean and modern pizza themed logo design of a bicycle with the wheels of the bike designed to look like pizzas with some of the pizza toppings flying off …



Rocket logo design with the body of the rocket designed to look like the number eight. (rocket, icon, ship, fast, flames, space, retro, fire, flying, comic, sign, simple, cool, rocket …


Sale Point

Abstract shapes flow together to form a arrow shape. (arrow, directional, decoration, minimalistic, pointer, technology, negative, geometric, cursor, angle, point of sales, pos, nfs, abstract, blue, aviation, wing, navigation, direct, …



Flowing shapes are used to create the letter “A”. (letter, speed, power, concept, alphabet, clean, element, logotype, swoosh, point) Created: 02/21/2012


Discovery Rocket

5 4 3 2 1 blastoff! Rocket launching into space. The lower half of the logo shows part of the earth as the rockets travels away up into outer space. …


Rail Films

All aboard! This logo design transforms various photography and film elements to create the train design. The body of the train is created with a film strip and the film …