Two Wheels Bicycle Pizza Delivery Logo For Sale

Simple, clean and modern pizza themed logo design of a bicycle with the wheels of the bike designed to look like pizzas with some of the pizza toppings flying off from the pizza wheels. (Italian, food, diner, oven, meal, prepared, baked, pepperoni, restaurant, mozzarella, sauce, homemade, pizza, tasty, tomato, cooked, serve, wood fired, gourmet, pie, toppings, artisan, rustic, pizzeria, dough, crust, slice, mushroom, olive, dining, diner, savour, lunch, cheese, pizzas, pastry, basil, baking, baked, hot, delicious, eat, cuisine, delivery, fast food, eatery, round, funky, hip, authentic, old fashion, deep dish, ingredients, fresh, veggies, vegetables, dietary, bike, ride, urban, contemporary, scooter, transport, mobile, trendy, mountain, transportation, racing, vintage, style)

Created: 04/14/2016