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Browse our non-exclusive readymade logos. LogoMood offers a wide selection of affordable non-exclusive readymade logo designs for sale in a variety of logo design styles & themes.

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About Our Non-Exclusive Logos

LogoMood’s non-exclusive readymade logos are priced at $35 USD and are not unique to just one customer. They will be resold to other customers under our non-exclusive logo agreement. Non-exclusive logos are identified on our site with a grey banner indicated with the text “Non-Exclusive Logo”

Permitted: Use your purchased non-exclusive logo however you like for your website, social media, & printed materials for PERSONAL BUSINESS USE ONLY.

Not Permitted: Non-exclusive logos cannot be resold or distributed for a third party to use. You can’t copyright or trademark the logo because we keep the full ownership and the full copyright. Logos are sold to other customers. By purchasing a non-exclusive logo, we grant you permission to use the logo non-exclusively for your personal business use.

Purchased non-exclusive logos are used for personal business use only. You are not the sole user of that logo. LogoMood keeps the full ownership, full rights & copyright of the non-exclusive logo. When you purchase a non-exclusive logo we are granting you non-exclusive, personal business use.

We offer customization service for an additional $25, this includes name change & font changes. ***PLEASE NOTE*** non-exclusive logos do not include changes to the logo graphic. Customizations are prepared and emailed to you for you to review within 24 hours of the logo purchase. The final approved logo is then delivered to you as a 10″x10″ 300dpi, high resolution transparent .png for both print & web and social media use. Some non-exclusive logos also include vector .eps. This is specified on the logo page.

After the checkout out process and you’ve completed your purchase. You will receive a link via email to download your ready-made logo file. Logo delivered to you as a 10″x10″ 300dpi, high resolution transparent .png for both print & web and social media use. Some non-exclusive logos also include vector .eps. This is specified on the logo page. If you’ve purchased logo customizations with your order we will work on your name change within 24 hours of your logo purchase. Your adjusted logo file will be delivered to you once your customized logo is approved.

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Sweetie Cakes – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Modern bakery cake logo design featuring a simple line-art style cake and cake stand with chocolate drip frosting. Natural leaf elements with little hearts frame the cake. (bake, …

From $35.00

Floral Beauty Face – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Beautiful beauty logo designed with elegant and flowing leaves and flowers to create the outline of a woman’s face.  Blooming flowers create tubs gorgeous and glamorous beauty …

From $35.00

Floral Natural Wreath – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Artistic and elegant floral wreath crest logo design. Our design features lopping floral leaf steams with our beautiful blooming flowers and leaves, Add your own monogram to the …

From $35.00

The Green Meadow Cottage – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Cute little cottage house logo design featuring a quaint lavender purple and sage green color combination. The country-style cottage has natural greenery growing around the home with little …

From $35.00

The Willow Tree Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Rustic willow tree logo design featuring our hand-drawn style pen and link willow tree artwork. Rustic stylized ink textures create the impression of the willow tree leaf foliage to …

From $35.00

Paw-Some Pet Care – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Modern, fun, and colorful pet care logo design featuring cute little pet paws in different colors creating a circle crest-style design. Little hearts are placed between the pet …

From $35.00

Pink Boxing Club Boxing Gloves – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Modern & trendy boxing fitness logo featuring a pair of hanging pink boxing gloves with stars creating a circle crest style design. An elite and trendy fitness logo …

From $35.00

Floral Watercolor Bakery Rolling Pin – Non-Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Elegant, chic bakery floral rolling pin logo design features our hand-drawn watercolor wooden rolling pin and violet floral roses, cream flowers and sage leaf greenery, and eucalyptus leaves. …

From $35.00

Pink Real Estate Front Door – Non-Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Modern minimal contemporary pink front door logo design. The design features a simple pink door illustration with white columns, a door knocker, a mail slot, and an arched …

From $35.00

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