Tree Of Life Mandala Logo Sold

Mandala tree logo created with intricate detailed tree branches and tree roots. The branches of the tree are designed to create the shape of a mandala design that encompasses the tree. Unique twisting roots create a dynamic and distinctive look. The entire piece is bold and powerful in both design and message. (life, tree, mandala, pattern, flower, ethnic, sun, tribal, abstract, lace, art, arabic, ornament, leaf, ornamental, design, hand drawn, stylized, decoration, native, floral, petal, organic, culture, unique, festive, crafts, arabesque, handmade, element, illustration, folkloric, wedding, romantic, vintage, branch, spiritual, healing, holistic, natural, roots, growing, growth, india, indian, universe, hindu, buddhist, symbolism, symbolic, unity, henna, scene, balancing, harmony, serenity, spiritual journey, leaf, leaves, essence, meditating, meditate, clarity, luxury, sophisticated, classy, tree of life, empower, empowering)

Created: 11/24/2015