Tazanna Yoga Studio Logo Sold

Elegance, style, and beauty are created in our simple, modern, and minimal hourglass logo design. The design features a simple hourglass shape design with moon and stars depicted in the upper portion of the hourglass. The moon element is transferring down to the lower portion of the hourglass merging with a sand pile designed to look like a mountain with the rising sun. The natural elements and unique combination create a distinctive design representing the earth’s elements and the connectivity of the natural elements flowing in the cycle of life. (natural, cycle, circle, hourglass, sand, time, circle of life, holistic, healing, spiritual, elements, earth, earth’s elements, moon, crescent moon, stars, the universe, mountain, sun, leaf, leaves, yoga, remedy, remedies, mother nature, line art, line drawn, line-art, simple, minimal, minimalistic)

Created: 08/27/2019