Glacial Penguin

Elegant, stylized and modern logo of a penguin bird designed in front of a block of ice. (penguin, animal, ice, snow, frozen, cold, bird, season, modern, illustration, climate, winter, beauty, …


Geometrical Square Fish

colourful abstract fish design using deferent shapes squares and triangles. (tuna, fish, fin, fishing, color, sea, water, wild, aqua, aquatic, tropical, ocean, animal, wildlife, abstract, abstraction, art, artistic, beautiful,colourful, decoration, …


Swan Beauty

Beautiful and elegant swan bird design. The form and shape of the swan is stylized and graceful. The design is created to look almost three dimensional in its form. (swan, …

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Dolphins Media

Two abstract blue dolphins diving together in formation. (dolphin, fish, 3d, jump, animal, blue, water, ocean, sea, wild, undersea, life, aquatic, mammal, creature, leap, swim, aquarium, underwater, figure, entertainment, bottlenose, …


Elephant Trump Films

Elegant, modern and distinctive design of a stylized elephant with the trunk of the elephant curling to create the impression of a movie reel. (mammal, elephant, strong, Africa, black, african, …


Vortex Fox Interactive

Bold, modern and stylish logo design of a stylized fox that swirls inward creating a vortex style design. (fox, tail, wolf, head, dog, mascot, foxy, coyote, face, design, wilderness, stylish, …

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Regal Lion Financial

Strong and elegant abstract logo design of a lion’s face & crown. (lion, crown, royal, mascot, leader, decoration, heraldic, beast, symbol, majestic, head, crest, male, knight, zodiac, horoscope, label, emblem, …

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Marigold Owl Boutique

Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated design of a stylized owl created with flowers and leaf shapes (abstract, animal, owl, bird, branch, contemporary, creative, cute, decoration, decorative, design, detailed, education, element, feather, …



Modern and abstract design interpretation of a jellyfish. (sea, aquatic, natural, tropical, jelly, glowing, life, creature, swim, dive, aquarium, underwater, glow, jelly-fish, blue, marine, tropic, oceanography, zoo, water, wild, nature, …