Crocodile Media

Bold red alligator/crocodile with the tail designed with a wi-fi signal to represent digital wireless communications. (gator, jaw, alligator, power, sign, symbol, head, carnivore, predator, crocodile, zoo, silhouette, wild, nature, …


Nightfall Adventure

Unique and distinctive design of a wolf’s head designed to look like starry night mountain landscape. (animal, coyote, dog, hills, mountain, nature, outdoor, rock, rural, scene, silhouette, wild, wildlife, wolf, …



Clean, simple and beautiful pelican bird design. The design of the pelican is created with simple clean lines. (sea, bird, beach, outdoors, zoo, wild, wildlife, natural, beak, blue, nature, animal, …

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Fury Fox

Bold stylized fox face design. The fox’s face is created with stylized flame/fire elements to represent fire glowing blue and orange fire flames. (abstract, animal, design, face, fox, head, illustration, …

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