Rabbit Reviews

Cute, fun bunny character logo design that features a cartoon mascot rabbit popping out of a speech bubble with sound waves from the rabbit’s mouth. The design is bold and …

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Sighted Surveys

Clean, simple and modern logo design of an abstractly rendered eye created with curving shapes and elements that create an abstract impression of an eye. (eye, icon, circle, abstract, shape, …

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Birdy Tunes

Clean modern and cute logo design of a simple bird wearing a pair of music headphones with a wifi wireless signal transferring from the birds head. (radio, wireless, bird, wifi, …


Yeti Technology

Fun yeti character logo design that creatively combines a smart tablet with apps in the white space of the snow apes body. The yeti character is designed in a unique …

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bstract modern shapes create a unique design. the colors used gives this logo a 3D appearance, which creates a powerful and bold design. (wifi, 3d, signal, antenna, sharing, broadcasting, website, …


Tectonic Technologies

Simple, strong and modern design icon abstractly representing data connection and networking. (Data, network, abstract, electricity, circuit, code, chip, pattern, engineering, line, cyberspace, internet, processor, binary, graphic, dots, technology, development, …


Triobox Mobile

Modern, bold and distinctive design of box/cube divided into three sections with a smartphone/table contained within the center of the box and communication waves streaming from the top. (phone, smart, …


Crocodile Media

Bold red alligator/crocodile with the tail designed with a wi-fi signal to represent digital wireless communications. (gator, jaw, alligator, power, sign, symbol, head, carnivore, predator, crocodile, zoo, silhouette, wild, nature, …