Pink Boxing Club Boxing Gloves – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Modern & trendy boxing fitness logo featuring a pair of hanging pink boxing gloves with stars creating a circle crest style design. An elite and trendy fitness logo …

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The Tree of Life Goddess

Elegant, modern and sophisticated tree logo design. This design is inspired by the habbalistic tree of life by the Jewish mythical traditions called the “kabbalah”. We’ve created a unique, natural …

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Meditating Mermaid

Beautiful stylized meditating yoga woman mermaid design. The mermaid lady is sitting in a resting meditation yoga position with her hands raised above her head in a spiritual meditation pose. …


Niyama Yoga

Pilates and yoga natural wellness pose logo design, featuring a stylized figure in a yoga/pilates pose. The figure is designed to flow seamlessly into a pyramid formation with the figures …


Victor Sports & Fitness

Modern, abstract and bold design representing speed, motion and power. (speed, power, powerful, thunder, shield, electricity, flash, fast, thunderbolt, arrow, electric, modern, energy, lightning, electronic, force, volt, voltage, letter v, …

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