Cute little baby hedgehog character logo design. This sweet little hedgehog animal is designed in an abstract style with bursting circles and stars creating the quills on the hedgehog’s body. …

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Little Kangaroo

Cute nurturing mother and baby kangaroo logo design. The little baby kangaroo is nested within the mother’s polka dot pouch. (kangaroo, hop, animal, Australian, australia, baby, mammal, tail, wallaby, character, …

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Tiny Tot’s Toy Store

Cute stylized rocking horse. The design is created in a whimsical, bright and fun style with each section the horse colored in a different bright color. (rocking, toy, vintage, child, …


Traveling Bear

Cute adorable teddy bear ridding an umbrella down the wavy river. (animal, baby, bear, brown, childhood, children, cute, doll, fluffy, fun, fur, innocence, pets, playful, sitting, small, teddy, toy, umbrella, …


The Comfy Couch

Sweet, cute and adorable logo design of friendly happy teddy bear sitting in a comfy couch. (room, chair, couch, interior, sofa, armchair, living room, sitting, contemporary, decor, traditional, sitting room, …