Verge Cloud Technology

Bold, modern 3D style cloud logo design created with simple shapes and stylish three dimensional shading and highlights. The looping design creates a simple liquid style modern cloud themed logo …

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Elevate Monogram E

Modern and bold letter E monogram logo design. The letter E is created with geometrical shapes to create a raised and uplifted appearance. (letter E, E, monogram, modern, simple, bold, …

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Capital Height

Commercial city buildings designed in a linear 3D geometrical style with the three buildings stacked next to each other creating a staircase effect. The lines that create the buildings create …

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Social people Cube

Several geometrical shapes representing connecting people. (Cube, abstract, 3D, three dimensional, design, compass, navigational, people, connect, community, network, geometric, block, box, building, concept, creativity, crowd, form, pattern, colorful, pieces, puzzle, …

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Heart Link

Clean, modern and abstract design of three colorful boxes that overlap and link together forming this unique and distinctive heart shape design. (heart, design, box, link, connection, connect, chain, spectrum, …

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Tornado Storm Loop

Modern 3D design of a tornado funnel storm creating a dynamic and bold strong logo identity. (tornado, twister, whirlwind, storm, funnel, symbol, cyclone, wind, blue, spin, weather, vortex, abstract, catastrophe, …

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Up Cube

Modern, clean and abstract logo design the features several geometrical style elements resembling stacked boxes. A simple ladder is placed in the center of the boxes within the whitespace. (box, …

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Boom Box

Modern and bold logo design of an exploding media boombox with a play button in the center of the design with in the box/square white space. (3d, abstract, abstraction, artistic, …

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