Pink Real Estate Front Door – Non-Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Modern minimal contemporary pink front door logo design. The design features a simple pink door illustration with white columns, a door knocker, a mail slot, and an arched …

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Metro City Subway

Clean and modern cityscape and residential buildings created with overlapping colorful lines. The lines create the impression of the buildings, curve and overlapping each other below the city line to …

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Country Cafe

Cafe cup designed to look like a picket fence with the handle created with a growing vine. (garden, suburban, rural, inclosure, property, peasant, environmental, fence, country, scene, field, grass, land, …

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Grand Estate Home

Remarkable, luxurious grand home logo design. (home, exterior, building, design, housing, stone, lawn, dwelling, property, estate, contemporary, luxury, suburban, outside, entrance, landscaped, door, mansion, modern, window, wall, roof, garden, architecture, …

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Bridge Water Real Estate

Bridge is designed to create rows of homes in the white space of the bridge design. (bridge, pathway, gentle, stream, landscape, outdoor, lake, retirement, nature, home, homes, neighbourhood, home, exterior, …

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