Couturier Tailor

Classic Vintage tailor themed logo design. This tailor logo is designed in a crest/emblem, featuring two sewing needles with stylish looking thread that creates a unique boarder frame around the …

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Crafty Sewing

Whimsical sewing needle with the a swirling thread looping around the sewing needle. The thread is created to resemble a natural vine with growing leaves and blooming buttons.(pin, handmade, thread, …

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Treedition Scroll

The trunk of the tree is represented by an unraveling scroll. The paper of the scroll transforms into the trunk of the tree. Soft brown shades of leaves are placed …

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Elephant Trump Films

Elegant, modern and distinctive design of a stylized elephant with the trunk of the elephant curling to create the impression of a movie reel. (mammal, elephant, strong, Africa, black, african, …

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Mulberry Films

Clean, modern and bold design of a mulberry fruit with the individual fruit segments designed to look like movie reels. (film, reel, cinema, camera, strip, roll, video, retro, motion, hollywood, …

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