Quietude Bird

Beautiful and striking perched bird logo design. The bird is designed in an illustrative, whimsical and detailed style. Soft purples, violets, pinks and rose shades are used to create a …


Winged Wolf

Sophisticated golden winged howling wolf logo design. The image of the wolf is designed in a stylish line drawn style with the mythological wolf standing proud and strong. This logo …


Berg Point

Clean, sleek and modern iceberg mountain logo design. Simple 3D triangular elements create a tall mountain landmark with the bottom portion representing the lower half of the mountain/iceberg submerged in …


Lotus Bloom Flower

Beautiful women’s figure contained within a blooming lotus flower. (yoga, lotus, flower, posture, human, meditating, culture, symbol, solitude, blossom, people, female, medicine, spirituality, women, pink, position, healthy, contemplation, indian, body, …

Logo Sold

Web Bloom Flower

Beautiful blooming lotus flower that is also created to resemble a web design. (flower, zen, lotus, yoga, solitude, blossom, harmony, nature, tranquil, floral, relaxation, holistic, peddle, spiderweb, beauty) Created: 06/02/2014