Viper Snake

Modern and abstract looping infinity snake logo design. Pink, yellow and purple colors incorporated into a modern gradient design. A unique viper snake logo design perfect for a wide range …


Colossal Dragon

Ancient Chinese mythical dragon creature logo design. The body of the dragon is designed in a curving design, which is coloured in bright and vibrant golden and red shades. (dragon, …


Caduceus Research

Clean, simple and modern logo design representation of the medical Caduceus. Bold geometrical cursing shapes overlap each other to create the impression of the curing snake around the staff. (medical, …


Snake Heart

Beautiful stylized snake in the shape of an “S”. A heart shape is incorporated into the snake’s head to represent the name snake heart. (caduceus, medical, symbol, heart, apothecary, snake, …


Fighting Chance

This is a unique, clean and professional design of stylized medical symbol, not replicated from a open source medical graphic. It incorporates two facing dove birds looking upward. The opened …


Cobra Snake

Strong distinctive stylized rendering of a black cobra snake. (aggression, animal, attack, black, cobra, creature, danger, dangerous, deadly, fang, fantasy, ferocious, fierce, wildlife, poison, poisonous, raised, reptile, reptilian, scary, silhouette, …

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Snake Eye

Strong distinctive stylized rendering of a black snake. (aggression, animal, attack, black, character, cobra, creature, danger, dangerous, deadly,fang, fantasy, ferocious, fierce, nature, poison, poisonous, raised, reptile, reptilian, scary, silhouette, slither, …


Encompass Healing

Natural, holistic and healing logo representing the Caduceus with a stylized & natural feel. (caduceus, medical, aesculapius, pharmaceutical, aid, wellness, practitioner, sign, symbol, insurance, hermes, traditional, medicine, health care, insignia, …

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Medical Technology

Modern, bold design of a abstract interpretation of a medical caduceus with technology data in the wings of the design. (person, people, elegant, youth, body, shape, person, imagination, silhouettes, dragonfly, …

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