Pink Panda

Cute and adorable red cuddling up in a ball sleeping.  The red panda is designed in a simple and clean style with soft and natural colors to portray a natural …


Perfect Pets Animal Care

Simple and soft cat and dog animal care logo design featuring a cat and a dog forming together to create a circular connecting design. Cute little soft and subtle hearts …


Natural Pets Cat

Adorable sleeping cat created in a line-drawn style. The image of the cat is created with simple natural growing vines with flowers blossoming. The design creates a natural, peaceful and …

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Morning Bird

Modern and elegant dental themed logo design featuring a simple tooth shape designed to flow and create tree branches with growing leaves. A beautiful resting morning bird is designed within …

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Arctic Chill Fox

Calm and peaceful logo design of a curled up arctic fox. The fox is designed to create a circular round shape that creates a whirling and swirling design. The swirling …


Lulu & Ella

Cute and adorable fox and cat curled up and cuddling together. A little grey sleeping cat is tucked under the fox’s tail. The fox and cat are designed in a …

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Whimsical and modern design that uniquely combines a man on the moon and star together. The star shape is created within the white space with the hearts defining the star …