Cerebral Center

Abstract, mosaic kaleidoscope pattern containing five overlapping circles, which are created with various abstract shapes that create this bold and vibrant logo. The shapes create the impression of five abstract …

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Centrum Chiro

Four stylized people figures overlap each other to create a transparent effect with a spinal element that divides the design the center.(people, person, success, human, friends, business, concept, bio, life, …

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Joint Group Health

Overlapping, connecting, abstract people figures arranged to create the impression of a spinal vertebra. The logo represents a community group of people joined together. (world, globe, earth, people, person,success, planet, …


Spinal Care

Flowing stylized figures are arraigned figures to create a circular shape. A curved spinal spine is created within the white space of the logo. The logo represents a community group …


Balanced Lifestyle

Beautiful flowing lines/ribbon flow together to create a simple elegant butterfly/figure. (figure, woman, people, person, slim, slimness, diet, life, dieting, gym, natural, vegan, wellness, prevention, fitness, balance, abstract, yoga, lifestyle, …

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Tranquil Healing

Beautiful, elegant logo design Flowing graceful lines join together to form this beautiful bursting leaf tree design (tree, branches, oval, fall, garden, arch, canopy, seasons, seasonal, leaves, leaf, holistic, clinic, …


Hannah Tree

Beautiful floral pattern tree design. (Indian, wedding, henna, pattern, India, Mehandi, henna, decoration, salon, spa, holistic, tree, nature, floral, florist, branches, fall, garden, canopy, seasons, seasonal, leaves, leaf, holistic, clinic, …


Lead Wheelchair

Simple stylized person in a wheelchair reaching for success. (foundation, disability, medical, assistance, handicap, rehabilitation, active, fit, healthcare, wheelchair, star, lead, ride, motion, injured, team, challenge, rise, achievement, charity, person, …