Brain Wired

Modern, bold and colourful brain themed logo design featuring an abstract brain designed with a wirelike line that interweaves to create the brain image design. The brain design is divided …


Amazed Network

Owl face with the owl’s eyes designed to look like mazes or a labyrinth. (maze, circular, game, way, search, destination, trail, exit, fun, riddle, challenge, labyrinth, concept, lost, success, circle, …


Social people Cube

Several geometrical shapes representing connecting people. (Cube, abstract, 3D, three dimensional, design, compass, navigational, people, connect, community, network, geometric, block, box, building, concept, creativity, crowd, form, pattern, colorful, pieces, puzzle, …


Medical Source

Clean and modern design that features four puzzle pieces that are connected together. The space in the centre created by the connecting puzzle piece people creates a medial cross symbol. …


Mind Path

Clean, modern and abstract design that could be representative of a brain with connecting arrows linking and connection the four sections together to create this abstract bold design. (brain, abstract, …

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Mind Puzzle Brain

Design abstractly representing head & brain concept with the mind divided like a maze puzzle (brain, human, medical, head, study, cortex, brain, neurology, training, learn, genius, human, thinking, solution, training, …


Mind Perplex

brain created with interconnecting pieces. (chip, future, circuit, board, integrated, design, internet, business, maze, information, technical, innovation, labyrinth, hardware, engineering, line, processor, digital, technology, computer, geometric, connection, futuristic, invention, science, …

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Gold Mind Maze

Modern and distinctive design of a brain created to look like tunnels/pathways within the brain. The tunnels create the impression of a shovel to represent digging into the mind/mine. (maze, …

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