Mulberry Films

Clean, modern and bold design of a mulberry fruit with the individual fruit segments designed to look like movie reels. (film, reel, cinema, camera, strip, roll, video, retro, motion, hollywood, …


Bits And Pieces Owl

Creative owl logo design using gears and industrial parts to create this creative owl logo design. (steampunk, pipe, gears, parts, bits, mechanical, machine, working, lock, owl, bird, wise, vintage, metal, …

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Fit Track Fitness

Modern, bright and abstract design of a running figure constructed from lines (run, runner, marathon, wellness, training, jogger, track, sport, outdoor, leisure, endurance, activity, sporty, race, workout, fit, active, well-being, …

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Pixel Butterfly

Modern, bold and abstract design of a butterfly/bird created with curing pixel shapes. (abstract, business, colors, communication, computer, contemporary, data, design, digital, mobile, motion, network, pixel, square, tv, wireless, network, …

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