Culture Waves Flag

Stylized whimsical people figures create the impression of a waving flag. (flagpole, flag, banner, wind, wave, movement, advertise, sign, wavy, shape, blowing, exhibition, motion, outdoors, flag pole, people, culture, diversity, …


Ballet Dance Academy

Beautiful ballerina figure posing. The women’s shape is made/constructed of various shapes geometrical elements creating this abstract figure. (ballet, dancer, class, art, woman, ballerina, attractive, pose, culture, people, dance, female, …

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Just Dance

Fun energetic stylized dancing figures. (ballet, dancer, class, people, person, ballerina, attractive, pose, culture, dance, posing, performing, shape, elegant, performer, motion, beauty, classic, elegance, movement, beautiful, silhouette, grace, costume, performance, …


Imagine Book

Bright colourful swirling shapes burst from the stylized oven book (joy, celebrate, explosion, burst, fireworks, teaching, learning, grow, abstract, confetti, movement, motion, energy, vibrant, children, kids, child, creative, painting, change, …

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Robox Robot

Clean, simple and bold design representation of a robot in a box/cube shape. (robot, space, tech, icon, character, future, head, mechanical, technology, computer, equipment, retro, futuristic, science, machine, cyborg, industry, …

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Dancing musical figures

Energetic flowing styled figures dancing and twisting in different flowing movements. (fitness, abstract, human, sport, jump, shape, movement, dancer, modern, acrobat, young, motion, art, action, people, person, balance, dance, female, …


Lead Wheelchair

Simple stylized person in a wheelchair reaching for success. (foundation, disability, medical, assistance, handicap, rehabilitation, active, fit, healthcare, wheelchair, star, lead, ride, motion, injured, team, challenge, rise, achievement, charity, person, …


Jump Point Horse

Abstract representation of a horse creating with a mosaic pattern and intersecting drafting lines. (jump, equestrian, speed, mosaic, stallion, abstract, motion, mustang, horse, mammal, bronze, prance, symbol, active, farm, riding, …

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Elephant Trump Films

Elegant, modern and distinctive design of a stylized elephant with the trunk of the elephant curling to create the impression of a movie reel. (mammal, elephant, strong, Africa, black, african, …