Calavera Chocolate

Stylized and whimsical human skull logo design inspired by the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos). The design features a whimsically designed skull face with …


Ruby Rose Tattoos

Edgy, bold and unique logo design of a beautiful corpse girl with long violet hair with deep blood red roses in her hair. The girl’s face is designed to look …


Cactus Fitness

Bold and strong simple cactus logo mark. The Cactus is designed in a slopping direction to represent speed and motion. (cactus, western, mexican, thorn, cacti, cactus desert, mexico, plant, desert, …


Cactus Digital

Simple cactus logo design created with geometrical triangular pixel shapes that are arranged in a mosaic like pattern to create the impress of a cactus plant. (desert, tree, stenocereus, natural, …

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Selena Rose Cactus

modern and elegance logo design of a stylized cactus and roses. (cactus, flower, rose, flower, prickly, exotic, Mexico, florist, summer, pink, organic, summer, photography, boutique, wedding, vintage, floral, leaves, leaf, …

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