Beautiful Skull Woman Tattoo Logo For Sale

Edgy, bold and unique logo design of a beautiful corpse girl with long violet hair with deep blood red roses in her hair. The girl’s face is designed to look like part skull/corpse to create this eye-catching and unique design. On her neck/shoulder there is a tattoo. (skull, makeup, halloween, woman, girl, face, voodoo, decoration, rose, mexican, adult, celebration, black, traditional, female, spooky, hair, mask, art, party, costume, sexy, tattoo, red, flower, paint, folklore, young, tradition, mexico, dead, festival, horror, beauty, death, beautiful, scary, lips, tattoo parlour, tattoo parlor, goth, face, creepy, body art, zombie, female, witch, nightmare, costume, character, fantasy, folklore, young, person, evil, horror, death, blossom, floral, cemetery, grave, spooky)

Created: 06/10/2016