Memorize Brain

Colorful abstract brain logo design representing a person’s brain. The design of the brain is created with abstract curving geometrical shapes that create the impression of a brain. Contained within …


Dendrite Research

Unique, sleek and modern dendrite brain stem tree logo design. The tree and branches are designed to look like a dendrite with branching figures and nerve endings that create the …

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Mind Body Medicine

Modern logo design of a side profiled face. flowing abstract shapes are placed within the head to abstractly represent the brain. The abstract shapes/design treatment that’s used to represent the …


Beautiful Minds

Unique logo design of persons face side profile with a tree contained within the white space of the head. The tree branches crate the impression of the brain sections. (beauty, …


Mind Link Brain

Modern, abstract representation of two linked brains with connecting lines (abstract, technology, intellect, smart, science, nerve, memory, neurology, mind, brain, link, linking, web, social media, network, networking, communication, link, linked, …

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Brain Power

Modern, bold and unique logo design of a brain with lightning bolts designed within the brain to represent the areas/sections of the brain. (brain, concept, idea, connection, mind, psychology, think, …