Eye Network

Abstract modern eye logo design. The eye design is created with interconnecting lines that overlap and connect to each other to create the impression of the framework of an eye. …


Mega Pixels

Abstract pixel eye design created with different coloured blue pixels that create a curving shape that creates the impression of the eye. A single pixel is placed in the center …

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Nerd Live TV

Bold and modern design featuring a TV with an antenna that’s designed to look like a TV nerd character. A pair of nerdy eyeglasses are added to the TV screen …

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Digital Eye

Geometrical shapes create this intriguing and unique abstract logo design of an eye. (pixel, eye, search, illusion, square, iris, surveillance, human eye, people, cornea, eyeball, abstract, blue, eyesight, looking, image, …


Spotted Dog Search

Cute, fun and quirky logo design depicting a happy dog bend down searching for a location pointer. (dog, pointer, hunt, searching, labrador retriever, tail, companion, cute, pointer, sketch, looking, canine, …