Nerd Juice Bar

Fun, colorful and energetic nerd character face logo design. The Word “Nerd” is presented in a fun freehand style script font, which is used to create the nerd character’s hairdo. …

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Monkey Mix Cocktails

Bold, fun and unique monkey character with the face of the monkey created with various fruits. The smile is created with a slice of orange/lemon with the eyes represented by …

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Berry Fruit Juice

Fun design that combines various abstract shapes to create this energetic vibrant logo design. The shapes represent different fruits with a juicy swirl running through the elements. (yogurt, swirl, fruit, …

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Veggie Bike

The bike wheel, handles and bike seat etc. are transformed into vegetables and fruit. (fruits, lemon, orange, lime, apple, peach, watermelon, carrot, tomato, pepper, zucchini, eggplant, wheel, leaves, natural, healthy, …

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Lemon Bloom Tree

Fresh blooming yellow lemon tree with natural fruits growing all around the canopy of the tree. (agriculture, art, autumn, branch, brown, citric, citrus, colorful, countryside, dessert, flower, food, fruit, garden, …

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