Oak & Ivy Holistic Tree

Elegant and classy twirling vine tree logo with the trunk of the tree curling like a beautiful vine with oak-style leaves. The curving design creates an elegant bonsai-style tree. The …

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Tree Bones Skull

Unique tree and skull logo design that creatively uses the branches from the tree to create the impression of a skull face hidden within the center of the tree. The …

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Rising Faiths Church

Modern, whimsical and stylized religious cross with the cross image created with tree branches and flourishing leaves to create the impression of a growing natural tree in the shape of …

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Ivy Leaf Dental

Elegant, natural and modern design of a dental tooth shape that is created with flowing natural vines with ivy leaves growing. (vine, leaf, frame, border, ornament, decoration, foliage, curve, elegancy, …

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