Tree Bones Logo For Sale

Unique tree and skull logo design that creatively uses the branches from the tree to create the impression of a skull face hidden within the center of the tree. The roots below the tree are designed to match the top of the tree to create a balanced and unified look. A single rose is placed at the bottom in the roots. (skull, flower, decoration, rose, floral, tattoo, leaf, symbol, skeleton, drawing, bone, spooky, design, dead, sketch, evil, death, art, style, ornate, drawn, gothic, flourishes, face, skulls, Halloween, zombie, people, illustration, ivy, anatomy, vintage, man, leaves, human, ornament, hell, bones, dead, horror, branches, death, nature, monsters, pattern, tree, roots, creative, unique, stylized, modern, life, black, plant, organic, tendril, fantasy, surreal, growth, environment, botany)

Created: 08/05/2016