eWhiz Genius

Simple and bold logo design featuring a face with the eyes, nose, eyebrows and moustache defined with simple elements and shapes. The letter e contained within the eye of the …

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Fish Monster

Bold, colorful logo design of a fish that’s designed to look like a unique monster character with three eyes. (monster, alien, beast, mutant, cute, devil, creature, character, mascot, graphic, cyclops, …


Lazy Pets

Cute and adorable sleeping lazy pet logo design that features a cat or dog animal cuddling up and realizing above the company name. (tiredness, cat, baby, fun, mammal, paw, sweet, …


Yeti Technology

Fun yeti character logo design that creatively combines a smart tablet with apps in the white space of the snow apes body. The yeti character is designed in a unique …

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Blue Bird Animation

This unique logo design uses gear shapes to create the bird body and face. (abstract, animal, bird, cartoon, character, cute, humming, humor, social, social network, speech, tweet, twitter, wing, zoo, …


Smart Search

Simple line drawing of a nerd face. The glasses that the character is wearing are designed to also look like two searching magnifying glasses. (nerd, geek, glasses, expression, nerdy, smile, …


Nerd Style

Unique and distinctive logo design of a nerd character with their hair designed with colorful splashes elements to look stylish and bright. (nerd, guy, boy, professor, male, character, specialist, programmer, …

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Search Nerd

Unique and distinctive logo design of a nerd character with their eyeglasses representing by two magnifying glasses. (nerd, geek, glasses, expressive, expression, comic, nerdy, funny, retro, humorous, humor, mobility, face, …