Rouge Cafe

Modern, bold and rustic coffee and cafe logo design. The logo design features a coffee beverage cup combined with the architectural colosseum structure in Roma, Italy. The design is styled …

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Unique logo design that distinctly represents the great Torii, a symbol of Miyajima. The great Torii structure is created with two symbolical balanced Japanese figures representing the boundary between the …

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Fox Line

Jumping fox logo created with sleek lines that create a unique pattern within the fox. The lines are used define the fox’s face, tail and body, which create this unique …

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Sea Beauty Goddess

Beautiful, majestic and elegant logo design of stunning women/goddess of the sea with her hair flowing and moving like ocean sea waves. Amphitrite, the goddess queen of the sea, the …

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Viking Ship

Stylized Viking ship (battle, boat, fag, galleon, historic, historical, history, journey, nautical, north, northern, east, oar, ocean, sail, sea, shield, ship, speed, transportation, travel, vessel, viking, water, wave, wind, wood, …

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Bird Cage Vintage Clothing

Vintage style design of a women wearing a crinoline. The crinoline is designed to look like a bird cage with several birds within the cage/women’s dress. (antique, apparel, artistic, artwork, …

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