Dental Technology

Abstract technology themed dental logo design. The molar tooth is designed in a modern tech style design, with the tooth divided into two sections. Connecting abstract lines are used to …


Chimp POS

Point of Sales logo that uniquely combines a monkey’s face with a point of sales receipt that’s being printed out from the mouth of the monkey. Digital pixels extend from …


Aztec Technologies

Technology logo design inspired by the aztec civilization and their culture. An intricate circular medallion created with connecting technology lines representing data transfer and information processing. Within the center of …

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Transact POS

Smart phone device/tablet with a printing recipe emerging from the tablet. The design represents smart technology solutions used for point of sales. (pos, nfs, near field communications, payment, point, sales, …

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Turtle Shell Technology

Innovative and unique technology turtle logo design. The entire turtle is designed with circuitboard lines that interconnect and seamlessly flow together to create the formation of this distinctive tortoise logo. …


Cactus Technologies

Digital data cactus logo design with the cactus created with overlapping connecting lines representing the flow of information and data over a technology network. The circles represent the cactus needles, …

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USB Nerd

Tech savvy nerd character created with simple clean lines that represent cable cords and USB connections. The lines are utilized to form the impression of the nerd’s face, glasses and …


Monkey Wrench

Unique and distinctive logo design that visually plays on the idea of the “monkey wrench” tool. The cute monkey’s mouth is created from the open wrench with the shaft of …


Cloud Box Storage

A modern design of a 3D cloud/box concept. Simple cloud shapes form together to create an open box concept. (cloud, app, 3d, concept, sky, sync, business, internet, download, blue, downloading, …