Wise Yoga Studio

Cute modern and bold nerd character wearing traditional nerd glasses and suspenders in a zen, yoga meditation pose. The meditating nerd character is sitting within a colourful lotus flower. (geek, …


Nerd Repair

Funny nerd character wearing traditional nerd glasses, polka dot bowtie and suspenders. This nerd mascot is holding a sign, which contains the company name. This creates a nice clean and …

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She’s Poppin

Unique and distinctive popcorn logo featuring a fun and vibrant young smiling woman with the woman’s hair designed with exploding popping popcorn kernels. This popcorn logo will command attention and …


Aurora Beauty

Elegant, stylish and natural representation of a beautiful woman’s side profile. Long flowing hair drapes around her face and shoulders. The woman is framed within a half moon leafy vine …

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Allure Beauty

Soft and calm female beauty logo that features a beautiful and natural woman with the woman’s body designed with flowing natural leafy vines that create this beauty and spa-like logo …



Beautiful illustrative logo design of a Geisha. The styling and colors used create a soft and elegant look. (geisha, girl, hair, japan, decoration, sakura, oriental, kimono,culture, hairdo, accessories, traditional, female, …


Nerd Style

Unique and distinctive logo design of a nerd character with their hair designed with colorful splashes elements to look stylish and bright. (nerd, guy, boy, professor, male, character, specialist, programmer, …

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Knit Stitch Girl

Cute little girl with her hair style designed to look like spun yarn & wool, with two sewing needles placed in the girl’s hair. (girl, girly, knit, knitting, yarn, wool, …

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