Aurora Beauty Logo Sold

Elegant, stylish and natural representation of a beautiful woman’s side profile. Long flowing hair drapes around her face and shoulders. The woman is framed within a half moon leafy vine design to add a natural setting. (fashion, feather, feminine, organic, ornament, pattern, peacock, peahen, stylize, vintage, flower, bloom, petal, petals, exotic, beauty, style, sexy, woman, goddess, Devine, romantic, glamour, body, figure, elegant, luxury, sophisticated, natural, holistic, beauty, beautiful, spa, salon, empower, empowering, face, silhouette, aqua, hairdo, hairstyle, barber, glam, curls, vine, leaf, leaves, garden, flowing, sensual, rapunzel, fairytale, makeover, botanic, botanical, tropical, eve, mythical)

Created: 07/21/2016