Goodness Donuts

Unique, fun and bold donut themed logo design. This donut design and shape is created with a person’s OK hand gesture, with the thumb and pointer finger creating the round …


Juice Moose

Fun, bold and energetic moose character logo design. The moose mascot is designed with splashy and juicy antlers as well as a bright orange slice to represent a happy smile. …

Logo Sold

Pathway Church

Curving pathway flows seamlessly though a green meadow landscape with mountain scenery in the background. A Cross is contained within the sun rays that shines over the land. (hill, field, …

Logo Sold


Simple and clean logo design of a stylized “THUMB UP” concept. (thumb, ok, like, hand, finger, good, accept, fist, nice, network, concept, arm, thumbs up, pointer, agree, friend, add, contact, …