Unique logo design that distinctly represents the great Torii, a symbol of Miyajima. The great Torii structure is created with two symbolical balanced Japanese figures representing the boundary between the …


Dandelion Key

Simple modern dandelion Key. (key, lock, door, gate, open, opener, unlocking, secure, privacy, household, security, shape, protection, secured, classic, house, antique, access, real estate, home, realtor, agent) Created: 11/11/2014


Keynotes Homes

Simple and organic style key, hanging from a key chain or hang tag. Note the house design can be removed if desired. (key, gate, door, open, shape, ornament, lock, secure, …


Sarah Homes Interior

Bold and floral vintage design creates the outline of a key home. (home key, real estate, key, old, skeleton, gate, door, open, shape, ornament, lock, secure, house, antique, hang tag, …


Turnkey Luxury Homes

Luxurious and fancy key design that incorporates a crown. (key, gate, door, open, shape, ornament, metal, classic, secure, household, house, home, antique, vintage, unlock, luxurious, luxury, home, real estate, crown, …

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Castle Stone Real Estate

Moden and clean logo that uses various shaped stones to create the impression of a castle/home that is in the shape of a shield. (stone, stoned, wall, gate, window, ruin, …

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