Blue Cow

Natural and whimsical blue cow logo. The cow is adorn with a fresh line drawn natural pattern of leaves, flowers and growing plants contained within the cow image to represent …


Cow Dairy Farm

Clean and contemporary front view of a cow created with sleek lines. The modern cow design incorporates a vine and leaf motif to represent organic, healthy and natural dairy farming. …

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Farmers Selection

Unique concept that combines a farmer that’s picking an avocado from a tree. The farmer is designed to also form the impression of the tree trunk. The avocado’s on the …

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Naturally Grown

Simple, organic design that combines a farmers crop field. fruit/vegetable crop merged from within the design. A leaf shape is created within the design to further emphasis organic green crops. …


Canadian Farmers

This logo creatively combines the canadian maple leaf and a farm house and filed together to create this unique logo design. The upper maple leaf forms the sky with a …


Farm Fresh markets

Fun stylized vegetables. The inside of the vegetables are designed with a fun stylized heart shapes. Rustic texture is added to the design to give a organic natural look. (market, …