Natural and whimsical blue cow logo. The cow is adorn with a fresh line drawn natural pattern of leaves, flowers and growing plants contained within the cow image to represent a natural and organic concept. (cow, beef, meat, chalk, icon, stamp, butcher, shop, pattern, market, symbol, farm, supermarket, drawing, premium, illustration, quality, bull, vintage, sticker, silhouette, food, natural, organic, restaurant, farming, retro, cattle, steak, store, menu, fresh, animal, pork, product, butchery, leaf, leaves, vine, moo, wheat, calf, milk, dairy, heifer, cattle, calves, farmer, bull, steer, livestock, country, countryside, agriculture, grass, grazing, farmyard, nature, horns, love, heart, doodle, sketch, artsy, whimsical, airy, pastel, teal)

Created: 01/18/2016