Rabbit Reviews

Cute, fun bunny character logo design that features a cartoon mascot rabbit popping out of a speech bubble with sound waves from the rabbit’s mouth. The design is bold and …

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Chiwawa Nerd

Happy, cute, little chihuahua nerd dog character logo design. The image/design of the chihuahua dog is created with colorful overlapping lines with the dog wearing a pair of bold circular …



Sleek, abstract female lioness lion created with various shapes and lines to create the impression of the lion’s face. Shades of colors are used to accentuate the lioness’s face and …


Canine Closet

Unique dog character logo design featuring a fun and bold little chihuahua dog all dressed up in a formal tuxedo, bowler hat and a bow tie. (chihuahua, fun, necktie, doggy, …


Monkey Mix Cocktails

Bold, fun and unique monkey character with the face of the monkey created with various fruits. The smile is created with a slice of orange/lemon with the eyes represented by …


Blue Bunny

Simple creative logo design of a bunnies head and ears with rich blue shading to create depths. (animal, bunny, cartoon, Easter, rabbit, ears, cute, wildlife, fluffy) Created: 08/21/2011


Rugged Outdoors

Beautifully crafted and styled logo of a deer. The design is bold and styled with rustic textures, which add to the rugged style and appearance of the design. (deer, mammal, …

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Trump Elephant

Clean, modern design representation of an elephant using simplified shapes to represent the ears and trunk of the elephant. (adult, africa, african, african elephant, animal in the wild, ears, elephant, …



Simple and organic logo design of a elephant. The shape of the body and trunk are design to look like the shape of an eight or the infinity symbol. (adult, …