Beauty Code DNA

Elegant, modern and unique logo design that transforms a DNA strand into a lip shape. The DNA strands coil together to create the outline of lips in the centre of …



Soft, graceful and meaningful person figure tree logo design. The figure is designed in an elegant flowing style with the person’s arms creating a heart shape with their arms over …

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Red Fox Dental

Clean and simple modern little fox logo design with a simple molar tooth contained within the middle of the fox’s chest. Please note that the tooth/molar can be removed from …


Dental Technology

Abstract technology themed dental logo design. The molar tooth is designed in a modern tech style design, with the tooth divided into two sections. Connecting abstract lines are used to …


Lady Fair

Beautiful, delicate logo design of a woman’s silhouette figure. Her arms and body formation are stylistically designed and positioned in a spiritual and uplifting manner. The extension of the woman’s …

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