Apis Bull Brewing

Bold, modern and decorative design of a bull face and horns. Simple leaf elements add off a natural look. (horns, skull, bull, western, longhorn, animal, steer, head, buffalo, cow, ranch, …


Juice Moose

Fun, bold and energetic moose character logo design. The moose mascot is designed with splashy and juicy antlers as well as a bright orange slice to represent a happy smile. …

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Blue Bull

Strong, powerful and stylized rendering of a Bulls head. (bull, horn, horned, ox, steer, head, face, wild, tattoo, power, aggression, beast, strong, defense, longhorn, zodiac, abstract, angry, mad, cow, taurus, …


Rugged Outdoors

Beautifully crafted and styled logo of a deer. The design is bold and styled with rustic textures, which add to the rugged style and appearance of the design. (deer, mammal, …

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Forest Deer Spirit

Female deer protection and cuddling closely with here young fawn in the calm and tranquil forest. With growing leaf vines and vegetation. This logo creates a soft and calm ambiance. …


Deerly Deer

Modern and stylized deer leaping over the company name. The stylistic qualities of this design create a beautiful abstract piece. The deer’s antlers contain flourishing bursts of subtle color, which …


White Tailed Ranch

Beautifully crafted and styled logo of a deer. (deer, mammal, hemionus, fallow, mule, brown, buck, fur, head, antlers, horn, forest, dear, outdoors, hunt, wild, nature, meat, animal, wildlife, camping, ranch, …


Deer Spirit

Beautiful stylized whimsical deer with flowing leaves and flower buds growing from the deer antler. (abstract, animal, antler, art, beautiful, beauty, deer, elk, horned, mammal, nature, reindeer, silhouette, sketch, vintage, …

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Strong and distinctive design of a impala/deer or antelope. This design is very powerful and elegant. (africa, african, amboselli, animal, antelope, beautiful, beauty, deer, environment, gazelle, horn, impala, mammal, nature, …