Mind Cluster

Bold, modern and colorful abstract brain mind logo created with various squares, boxes and pixels that are clustered together to create the impression of an abstract brain. (brain, mind, smart, …


Fish Link

Clean, simple and modern fish logo that’s constructed with colourful, lopping elements that are linked together to create the fish formation. (animal, branding, business, clean, concept, creative, creativity, fish, modern, …


Metro City Subway

Clean and modern cityscape and residential buildings created with overlapping colorful lines. The lines create the impression of the buildings, curve and overlapping each other below the city line to …

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6 points Leaf

Colorful interconnecting leafs create a unique logo brand. With a color change this design could also be transformed into a snow flake design. (abstract, art, colorful, creative, flora, floral, flourishes, …


Revive Media

Modern, clean and abstract design using abstract shapes and elements to create this logo mark. each of the section of the design are divided by connecting lines with dots. (circuit, …


Mind Point Intelligence

Design abstractly representing head & brain concept with the mind divided into sections that connect to one another. (brain, human, medical, head, study, cortex, brain, neurology, training, learn, genius, person, …


My Global App

Modern and bold 3D globe design. The globe is created with different coloured sections that spiral around the globe the sections contain circles to represent connection and data transfer. (globe, …

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Media Wave Play Globe

Modern and bold 3D globe design. The globe is created with different triangles that spiral around the globe. The triangle section break apart as they get to the end of …


Mind Perplex

brain created with interconnecting pieces. (chip, future, circuit, board, integrated, design, internet, business, maze, information, technical, innovation, labyrinth, hardware, engineering, line, processor, digital, technology, computer, geometric, connection, futuristic, invention, science, …

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