Ashtanga Yoga

A beautiful yoga woman figure encompassed in a circular shape tree with the branching reaching out to form a circle. Hand drawn design creates a natural rustic style design. Circle …


Royal Mind Woman

Elegant holistic beauty royal woman logo design for sale. The design features our line-art style logo design of a beautiful regal royal with a woman wearing a crown & jewel …


Timberwoods Natural Yoga

Unique, modern and distinctive yoga meditation inspired logo design. This yoga themed logo features a beautiful woman meditating in a sitting yoga position with her hands in an upward position. …

Logo Sold

Bodhi Mind

Stylized, abstract interpretation of a Buddha figure in a spiritual medication pose. (buddha, buddhism, zen, dream, art, india, wisdom, japan, shine, sculpture, oriental, pray, wise, enlightenment, statue, culture, symbol, head, …


Lotus Bloom Flower

Beautiful women’s figure contained within a blooming lotus flower. (yoga, lotus, flower, posture, human, meditating, culture, symbol, solitude, blossom, people, female, medicine, spirituality, women, pink, position, healthy, contemplation, indian, body, …

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