Nexus Cloud

Modern abstract cloud logo design featuring three interlinking ring loops that create the formation of an abstract modern cloud shape. The design represents connection, connectivity and integration. (cloud, hosting, server, …


Pure Scope

Clean and modern medical themed logo design featuring a simple line drawn woman figure with a DNA double helix design that wraps around the female figure and conturing her body. …


Genius Nerd

Cool nerd character with the nerd’s eye glasses designed to look like a DNA double helix to represent genetics, science and intelligence.(teacher, physicist, glasses, black, character, intelligent, theory, idea, educative, …


Star Box

Clean and modern design containing eight abstract box shapes that are positioned in a circular shape. The white space created in the middle forms the impression of a star. (color, …


Love Circle

Colorful swirling hearts connect together to form a circular compact design. (heart, rainbow, love, spectrum, chain, circle, joined, multicolored, connection, color, colorful, connect, link, dating, romance, foundation, charity) Created: 02/21/2012


Heart Link

Clean, modern and abstract design of three colorful boxes that overlap and link together forming this unique and distinctive heart shape design. (heart, design, box, link, connection, connect, chain, spectrum, …

Logo Sold

Home Link Real Estate

Clean and modern logo with connecting houses linked together to form a chain. The individual contacting homes create the impress of one home. (home, icon, real, building, symbol, architect, concept, …


Helix Laboratories

Modern design representation of a double helix DNA strand. (dna, helix, gene, strand, curve, genetic, chain, simple, molecule, modern, genome, spiral, medical, double helix, lab, laboratory, chain, science, modern, laboratories, …