Spectral Lightbulb

Modern and abstract lightbulb created with connecting patterns (social media, connection, dotes, pattern, social, bulb, lightbulb, idea, smart, creative, energy, eco, solar, future, networking, data, mulitmedia, technology, idea, communication, electricity, …

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Angel Cakes Bakery

Sweet, cute logo of a cupcake with wings made of leaves. (catering, bake, bakery, cake, celebrate, chocolate, colourful, cook, cooking, decorate, decoration, delicious, dessert, eat, dish, make, food, frosted, frosting, …


Chi Garden Cupcake

Fresh & natural design of a cupcake with a flower on top. (cake, design, baked, shop, chef, cook, cupcake, ornament, brown, premium, cake, decorative, bakery, cream, quality, classic, pastry, art, …

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Peacock Cake Bakery

Unique, elegant and distinctive logo design of peacock that is designed to take on the form of a three tier cake. Beautiful iconic peacock feathers waterfall around the cake with …