Perennial Botanical Gardens

We’ve used shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve this beautiful abstract landscape. We’ve selected these beautiful color combinations of pinks, beige, deep greens, tan browns to depict this …


Serena Beauty Co

A beautiful and elegant logo brand for a wide range of businesses. Our design features beautiful leaves and flowers that create this beautiful floral and elegant crest style. Subtle abstract …

Logo Sold

Butterfly Beauty Woman

Beautiful woman logo design featuring a stylized side profile silhouette view of a woman’s face upper body. Flowing hair cascades over her shoulder with a little butterfly perched on the …


Wisteria Woman

A beautiful elegant woman figure designed with flowing lines that create the formation of this stunning female figure. To represent the idea of transformation, butterflies are incorporated to flow around …


Majestic Butterfly

Beautiful looking butterfly design. (butterfly, colorful, wing, flying, wings, majestic, beauty of nature, summer, freedom, fragility, monarch, butterflies, insect, open wings, nature, flower, petals, bloom, blossom, rainbow, delicate, elegant, luxury, …

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