Beautiful Woman Transformation Company Logo For Sale

A beautiful elegant woman figure designed with flowing lines that create the formation of this stunning female figure. To represent the idea of transformation, butterflies are incorporated to flow around the woman’s figure. The butterflies add a natural and organic element to this beautiful empowering female logo. (guardian, woman, spirit, goddess, mermaid, symbolic, female, figure, grace, concept, deity, creative, beauty, femininity, nature, fertility, empowering, uplifted, uplift, uplifting, aura, beauty, femininity, queen, royal, princess, royalty, empire, hair, spa, tranquil, tranquility, being, transform, upward, fantasy, spiritual, powerful, leader, young, youth, Aphrodite, venus, cultural, culture, people, figure, person, wisteria, butterfly, butterflies, lavender, nude, naked, model, slim, diet, salon, purple)

Created: 03/08/2016